About us

Get ahead and be prepared with EMCQPractice.


Our vision and aim is to provide expert, up-to-date, high-quality medical education in the field of emergency medicine with a focus on preparation for the Primary and Fellowship examination of the Australasian college for Emergency Medicine.


The EMCQPRACTICE team has created new Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs) reflecting the recent modifications made to the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) Primary and Fellowship Examinations. The ACEM guidelines for developing and calibrating such questions were meticulously incorporated while generating our high-quality questions.

We believe that practice makes one perfect. Doing practice exams that simulate the actual exam allows you to experience the time pressure and level of difficulty, helping build confidence. Hence, all our educational content is delivered in the form of time-limited practice exams that very closely represent the actual exam.

In addition, after completing the practice exam you get instant real-time results including your mark. You also have the immediate opportunity to review your answers. Review of your practice exam attempt and the relevant feedback for each question not only enhances your knowledge but also helps identify areas that need further learning.


The team consists of practicing FACEMs and DEMTs, who deliver innovative, high-quality medical education and training. We are passionate about assisting emergency medicine trainees in Australia and New Zealand in their preparation and success in the Primary and Fellowship examinations.

Chair, Author & Editor

Dr Shashi Kalava
MBBS FACEM Grad Cert IT (Health Informatics)

Senior Staff Specialist Emergency Medicine | Wyong Hospital
Principal Investigator | DAFF Study Clinical Trial
Conjoint Lecturer, School of Medicine and Public Health | University of Newcastle

Shashi is a passionate educationalist and practicing Emergency Physician. He is the co-founder of the popular AFEM course which helps trainees succeed in the ACEM Fellowship Exams. He runs various interactive educational sessions for interns, junior medical officers, international medical graduates and nursing staff.

He is a day dreamer and avid learner with interests in a wide variety of topics. He is obsessed about words, believes strongly in gratitude and can never turn down an opportunity at Go-Karting.


Dr Hemal Patel

Director of Emergency Medicine Training | Wyong Hospital
Staff Specialist Emergency Medicine | Wyong Hospital
Conjoint Fellow, School of Medicine and Public Health | University of Newcastle

Dr Hemal Patel is a practicing FACEM and has been writing MCQs for the fellowship exam for over 2 years now. He is participant of undergraduate medical training with the University of Newcastle, NSW. He is currently developing a simulation programme for unaccredited trainees.

Dr Hemal Patel lives with his wife and two sons in NSW and as a pass time he is an avid squash player all throughout the year with winter sports being his other main hobby.


We donate a small proportion of our annual proceeds towards charitable and benevolent causes.

Year 2019 – Chosen Charity was Jabulani Feed the Nation – South Africa. Learn more about this at www.zaahidpandie.com

Year 2020 – Donation to Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation (The Glen Centre), Central Coast NSW. Learn more about this at www.theglencentre.org.au

Year 2020 – Donation to Melanoma Institute Australia in respect and memory of Late Dr. Vicki Burneikis Paediatrician at Central Coast Local Health District. Learn more about this at www.melanoma.org.au