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Regardless of the stage you are in your exam preparation, our study series and practice exams are devised to give you the best help.

WE RECOMMEND ATTEMPTING THESE EXAMS AS IF YOU WERE ATTEMPTING THE REAL EXAM. Make sure you set aside adequate uninterrupted time and do the exam to ACEM prescribed exam conditions.

LAST WEEK before the REAL EXAM: We recommend you sit one practice exam every day. This provides the best exam practice and thorough revision of the entire syllabus. We recommend you sit and complete the entire study series in one or two sittings.

FEW WEEKS before the REAL EXAM: We recommend you sit one exam per week. Review your exam attempt to identify areas that need further study. We recommend you sit 3-4 subject topics at a time per week from the study series.

FEW MONTHS before the REAL EXAM: We recommend you sit at least one exam every month. Review your exam attempt to identify areas that need further study. We recommend you sit one subject topic per week from the study series.

All PRIMARY practice exams have 180 questions per exam including a combination of new-style Multiple Choice Questions, Extended Matching Questions and Clinical Scenario Questions. The time limit for the exam is 180 minutes.

All FELLOWSHIP practice exams have 120 questions per exam including a combination of new-style Multiple Choice Questions and Extended Matching Questions. The time limit for the exam is 180 minutes.

The FELLOWSHIP Study series has over 320+ multiple choice questions and more are added on an ongoing basis. You have the option to reset the study series exams any number of times to re-take the questions.


We have 2 sample exams that are FREE. One each for Primary and Fellowship exam. So when you have uninterrupted time, sign up for a free trial and you’ll have a set of timed questions. Unlike some other courses we want to show you what you’re getting.

Even better, you can do the trial exam any number of times. Please place another order and do the trial exam again.

Doing these free trial exams is a great way to get familiar with the layout and function of our paid practice exams.


Each practice exam is balanced and has a unique set of handpicked questions covering the breadth and depth of the ACEM curriculum.

The questions are randomised. Not only questions, but the correct and wrong answers are randomised too. Such randomisation tests knowledge and enhances learning. In addition, a repeat attempt of the same exam will be a different experience.

The questions in study series are NOT repeated in the practice exams. The study series question have been specifially designed and grouped together with the intention of allowing study, learning and retention of key concepts for each subject topic.

We accept ONLY online orders.

Once you’ve found the exams you wish to purchase, add them to your cart. Click on “view cart” to review and amend the order details. You can begin the checkout process by clicking on the “proceed to checkout” tab.

You will be required to register with us (please note that this does not include your credit/debit card details) before you can purchase the exams. If you have already registered with us, simply log in using your registered account details.

Review, and if needed amend, your billing details, check the box to indicate that you have read and accept our terms & conditions and then click “Proceed to PayPal” to complete your purchase.

We use PayPal for its ease of use and its well-known security benefits. Your payment and purchase is processed by PayPal. Once your payment is processed we will normally confirm receipt of your order within a few minutes by email confirmation containing your order details.

Your exam will be ready for access in your “My Account” dashboard under “Active Exams”. Click on the exam to get started.

Any purchased exam and study series will be ready for use in your “My Account” dashboard under “Active Exams”.

Your access to the exam and study series is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

So you can decide to sit the study series or exam whenever you want within the 6 months from the date of purchase.

Your exam starts in Exam mode. This is the mode in which you are under exam conditions. The exam mode terminates once the time limit is reached or if you choose to “exit and terminate” exam earlier.

Review Mode begins once Exam mode is terminated. You have the opportunity to review your attempt, the result and the feedback. After the expiry of the 6 months from when the exams are purchased, your access to the content expires.

You have only ONE attempt per exam. You cannot re-attempt the same exam.

Although, you cannot repeat that particular exam, you can definitely sit other practice exams.

You can repeat any exam, whether or not you have failed, by purchasing those exams again. At this moment, we are not offering any discount for re-purchase of individual exams. However, if you re-purchase 4 exams the current discount offer applies.


You will be in breach of the terms and conditions you have accepted when you purchased the practice exams. Your registration and any access to purchased product is personal, non-transferable and must be kept confidential and used only by you.

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We monitor for any activity that breaches our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to immediately terminate your account and start appropriate course of action. You are totally liable for any activity generated from your account. In addition, you may be held liable for any losses incurred by us or another party due to someone else using your account. Similarly, you should not use anyone else’s account at any time.

Go to the login/register page and click on “Lost your password?” link found within the Log In box.

You will be guided through steps to recover or create a new password.

All the purchased exams can be accessed through the “My Account” section of the website. On this page, you will be able to see the exams you have purchased and your account details. The exams that are ready for you to sit are found under the “Active Exams” tab and the exams you have completed can be found under the “Completed Exams” tab.

We recommend that you sit one exam at a time and ideally not more than one exam a day.

In the week prior to the actual exam you may choose to sit one exam every day. This provides the best exam practice and thorough revision of the entire syllabus.

If you are a few weeks away from the actual exam, we recommend you sit one exam per week. Similarly, if you are a few months away from the actual exam we recommend you sit at least one exam every month.


Your access to sit the exam, review your exam results and feedback expires 6 months from when the exam has been purchased. Your mark and score will be sent to you by email and you can see the same details for that exam under the “Completed Exams” tab in “My Account” page.

It is a group of dedicated and highly experienced FACEMs, DEMT’s and IT specialists providing a real-time learning and practicing experience for the ACEM Primary and Fellowship exam. Our group has many experts with extensive experience in creating, conducting and setting trial exams.


The website is new, and is constantly updated to follow the ACEM curriculum.

The site is designed to be continuously upgraded and improved. We will change content constantly throughout the exam cycle. We add new questions and content all the time.

No. We do not guarantee success in the ACEM Primary or Fellowship examinations.

We aim to help you in your preparation for the ACEM SCQ examinations. Please refer to our DISCLAIMER in our Terms & Conditions.

If you think about how much time and effort really goes into preparing for your ACEM exams it’s pretty obvious that is the best practice choice.

If you take a live course you’ve got travel, inflexibility, someone else’s pace, no rewind or pause, hotel costs, outdated material, a gamble on the quality of the educators, meeting halls, the guy in the front who can’t stop asking questions… the list goes on.

And an online course? We encourage you to check out the other few options and compare us. It’s not even close.


No content or any part of the practice exams on is downloadable.


If you have an internet connection on your device you are good to go. Just visit the site on your device, sign in and go for it. Our site is mobile compatible so you can get your exam modules via streaming anywhere you have an internet connection.

The website and its content works best on a PC or laptop using Google Chrome browser. We recommend you to do the “Exam mode” on a PC or laptop.


Our aim is to provide these exams to maximise your learning and retention. You are doing these exams at your own time, timed to simulate the real ACEM exams. After you finish the exam, you will get immediate feedback, your score and you have time to review the subjects and read around it.

We recommend you use the feedback primarily to focus on identifying the subject areas that need further study. We have used the textbooks and references suggested by ACEM and these are the sources we recommend you look for answers for those challenging questions.

We have thoroughly proof read the content, however, if you happen a find an error, please inform us at We shall review and correct the error if need be.

All refunds are considered at the discretion of EMCQPractice executive. No refunds are offered to any product on EMCQPractice website that have been used, accessed or viewed online. Our product is online educational content available via subscription and bound by our Subscription Terms & Conditions.

Please email us at if you believe you have an exceptional circumstance with your purchase so that we can resolve any problems. In exceptional circumstances where a refund is warranted, the amount refunded is less any applicable administrative charges.

No refunds are offered if you made an error in your purchase, you had a change of mind or change in your circumstances, your access to educational content was interrupted due to any reason whether or not such reason could have been anticipated or unforeseen.

The website and exams are designed for a single person use.

There are NO exams available for groups; and neither any discounts that apply. However, if you are interested in running a group exam for your hospital or study group, please contact us at